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Don’t miss another “Don’t Miss” moment

If you’ve ever been too late to capture a video you really wanted because you were too busy opening the camera app, swiping around to find the correct Video mode, then not sure if you’ve pressed the record button – then GoGo Video is for you.

Keep GoGo Video on your home screen, when that don’t miss moment starts happening in front of you simply open the app and video recording will start immediately. Closing the app or turning the iPhone screen off will save the video, or you can manually stop recording of course.

The sole purpose of GoGo Video is to start recording as soon as possible with the least interactions possible, all other recording needs are best handled by the built in camera app.

Don’t miss another “Don’t Miss” moment.

Privacy Policy

GoGo Video does not collect or share any personal information whatsoever. ┬áIt’s only function is to record video to the user’s device.

Philip Broder – philipbroder@gmail.com 30th November 2018