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Privacy Policy (Sensor Play App)

  • Sensor Play is provided by
    Philip Broder
  • Explanation of the purpose for which the app Sensor Play is collecting data
    Data read and/or recorded by Sensor Play are collected with the purpose of being made visible to the user or stored to be made available for later access by the user. The provider of Sensor Play does not use the data collected by Sensor Play for any other analysis or purpose than providing it to the user of Sensor Play.
  • Information about transmission to third parties and their purpose
    We do not read or share any user collected data with any third parties. ¬† When the user decides to send data via email, or by the other available iOS sharing features it is within the user’s liability to whom he makes the logged data available. (This excludes anonymously collected app usage data in the context of Apple App Analytics to which the user explicitly and deliberately opt-in.)
  • Data Retention
    Data recorded by Sensor Play to the device is stored until the user deletes it from the device either individually with the apps file list delete function or by deleting the entire Sensor Play app from the device itself.
  • Description of data types collected by the app
    Depending on the features used within Sensor Play:

    • the below listed data is stored on his Apple device running Sensor Play,
    • and/or by Apple’s iOS sharing feature to other Apps and/or services on his Apple device.

    Sensor Play is able to collects the following data on iPhone and iPad and stores and/or distributes it as selected and specified by the user using the in app share functions:

    • Position information: latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, course, vertical position accuracy, horizontal position accuracy
    • Accelerometer force along 3-axis: x,y,z
    • Gyroscope ¬†rotationRate around three axis: x,y,z
    • Device motion: yaw, roll, pitch, user acceleration
    • on iPhone 5S and newer devices motion activity information: activity type, activity confidence
    • iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus and newer devices altimeter information: relative altitude, pressure
  • Effective Date
    13th November 2018