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Wow Flutter

The most detailed Turntable Wow & Flutter display and analysis available on an iPhone.
If you want the best listening experience from your turntable then its speed variation, the Wow & Flutter, is more of a problem than a low or fast RPM.
If your turntable speed is 33 or even 34, instead of 33 1/3 most people will not notice, yes the absolute pitch is slightly off but this is mostly unnoticeable.
If you have bad wow & flutter then everyone will notice!
“Wow Flutter” will give you the best detailed graphical view of your turntables speed variation per revolution available from an iPhone.
The turntable average RPM and the final Wow&Flutter are also displayed for reference.
Wow & Flutter is caused by many factors, platter imbalance, platter not level, drive belt imperfections, and drive motor vibrations. “Wow Flutter” will help you identify which of these it could be and let you see the improvements you make. The vertical lines indicating each revolution help indicate a periodic repeating pattern which is likely linked to the platter, versus a random variation which more likely a belt or motor issue.
Download from the Apple App Store now:  https://apps.apple.com/app/id1501773065


Privacy Policy

Wow Flutter does not collect or share any personal information whatsoever.

Philip Broder – philipbroder@gmail.com 9th March 2020